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Air Freight

Direct Worldwide Logistics provides import and export airfreight services to and from all destinations worldwide. Through our worldwide corporate offices we keep you informed of your freight movements with excellent communication at all times, providing timely and accurate notice of arrivals and ensuring the earliest possible customs clearance and delivery of your goods. We always strive to provide a quick and cost effective airfreight solution. Our staff are trained to provide a variety of options including transit time and cost requirements to determine the most suitable method of airfreight for your cargo.

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  • Door to Door Services
  • General Freight
  • Airport to Airport Services
  • Import & Export Services
  • Direct & Transshipment Flights
  • EDN’s for Export
  • Time Sensitive Shipments
  • Documentation Handling & Processing
  • Local Airfreight Cartage and Delivery
  • Airline Selection and Rate Negotiations
  • Insurance
  • Direct Master Air Waybill Shipments if required

Any Destination

Import & Export

Door to Door