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Hassle-free Consignment Delivery, Customs and Quarantine Clearance

Governing bodies of countries across the globe are entitled to maintain the highly favorable plant, animal and human health status and at the same time maintaining business relationships with other countries. Customs and Quarantine Clearance are a routine procedure at major seaports and airports across the world to ensure smooth entry and exit of tourists. Australia being a major tourist and business destination receives millions of visitors every year. In Australia, the customs and quarantine formalities for the clearance of exports and import consignments is highly regulated. Completing the regulation procedures is critical. If the correct procedures are not adhered to, heavy penalties may apply. Custom or Quarantine Clearance by unprofessional may cost your business time, money abd or destruction of goods. We at Direct Worldwide Logistics completely understand these issues and we organize full personal effects customs and quarantine clearance for all products imported into or exported out of all ports in Australia. Custom clearance or quarantine clearance services from Direct Worldwide Logistics are reliable and affordable for one and all.
dev ser CQCDirect Worldwide Logistics is a fully licensed in-house Customs Brokers (agents) and Quarantine In-House Accredited brokers with several years of experience in Customs Clearance and Quarantine Clearances. Our Custom Clearance Brokerage system electronically linked to major government departments such as The Australian Customs and Quarantine Services. Our professionals ensure that correct customs clearance documentation are received and completed in a timely manner so that our customers do not have to undergo any customs clearance issues or delays. We follow the correct importing and exporting procedures to ensure prompt cargo deliveries across Australia.
We also provide overseas forwarding network even before your shipment is due so that you can receive or deliver your consignments on time. Using the procedure, the customers can save time and money and have the cargo cleared through customs and quarantine before the arrival of the ship or plane.
Customs & quarantine clearance services from us are hassle free and consignments delivered into all ports in Australia .We provide Australia wide services. Quarantine Clearance assures that plants, animals to Australia are free from exotics pest, diseases and infections.
Direct Worldwide Logistics also gives professional advice and assist clients with the following:
dev ser CQC

  1. Incoterms such as EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF, DDU, DDP etc.
  2. IFIP Clearances
  3. Inland Transportation via Road, Rail or Coastal Ships
  4. Tariff Concession Orders
  5. Tariff & Trade Consultants
  6. Tariff Advice
  7. Duty Refunds
  8. Permit Issuing Authorities
  9. GST Deferral & Exemption Scheme
  10. Preference Country of Origin Rates
  11. Warehousing
  12. Ozone / Environment Clearances
  13. Vehicle Imports / Compliance / Registrations
  14. Landed Costing

Allow our expertise to have a positive impact on your business. Direct Worldwide Logistics offers a hassle free completion of all formalities for customs, quarantine and associated obligations.

Customs and quarantine clearance services in Brisbane

If you’re seeking personal effects custom clearance services in Brisbane, or assistance with quarantine clearance for container imports, let us help you. Call Direct Worldwide Logistics Australia for more information.