Direct Worldwide Logistics offers third party shipments (cross trade) from any location to any destination around the globe. From your supplier to your buyer without you needing to be in touch with the location, we can move your cargo. Many times when you buy or manufacture goods in other countries, you find yourself tied to supplier shipping agreements. This can affect your influence on the total product price, even to a point that the deal is no longer attractive for the buyer or cuts a big chunk out of your profit, not to talk about the level of service that your buyer can suffer if you are not in charge or involved.

Direct Worldwide Logistics is here to offer you an excellent alternative, allowing you to maintain low shipping prices and to upgrade the level of service for your clients and for yourself. You can be confident that your goods will arrive at their destinations in time and in the same condition you handed them over to us. We will take care of all aspects of your shipment, project or routine orders to save you time, risk and money.

Third party shipments (cross trade) services include:
+ Sea-Freight;
+ Inland Transport and Combined Train Transport;
+ Airfreight; and
+ Customs Clearance.