Since its inception, Direct worldwide Logistics Australia has provided an array of services to International clients. Our bouquet of services include freight forwarding facilities, cargo distribution, warehouse handling, and consolidation. We also undertake boat export and import of from Australia and to other countries across the world. Direct Worldwide Logistics are your one stop destination for Boat export from Australia. When you choose us, you are not just taking our services , but getting your peace of mind. We offer a range of services which include shipping, yacht selection, financing and crew selection . We are the experts providing you the security and safety for your investment , thus helping you to make your business a success.

Boat Export Import services from Direct Worldwide Logistics Australia

No matter whether you want boats, yachts, or motorboats , Direct Worldwide Logistics Australia consider the requirement of each client as “special”. We understand that your investment is precious to you and as our clientele, we value your investment as ours. At our firm, we undertake all process associated with Boat Import to Australia.

Our Boat export from Australia services include shrink wrapping, cradling, trucking, CE certification as well as freight forwarding your boat to final destination.

Channels to import and boat export Australia

Road transportation via truck – For destinations within Australia, Direct Worldwide Logistics offer road transportation.

Ocean freight transportation – Depending on the model of boats and yachts we offer shipment on trailers or cradles to worldwide destinations.

Shipment of boats through containers – Depending upon the model boats can be shipped inside the containers.

Direct Worldwide Logistics assist clients in international boat and Yacht export, import and purchase. Clients can have a hassle free C.E certification while importing boats to Australia with our assistance. It is mandatory that all boats and yachts imported to Any European union member nation must possess a valid C.E certification.

We will assist you in importing boats into Australia as well as help you in export outside Australia, by helping you in all paperwork related to export and import of boats. For the sale of boats locally and in Australia, the boats have to be ABP Standard Compliant.

Buying the right boat and getting it delivered at the right place is extremely important. We understand that it is not easy to buy a boat from another country where you have to deal with people whom you do not know at all. Here is where Direct Worldwide Logistics can help you. We are a fully licensed Operating Carrier and we have contacts with some of the best and largest shipping companies in the world.

We can help you to buy your boats and get it delivered right at your place at the right time and at the right costs.

Our services include :

  1. Finding boats according to the client requirements
  2. Negotiating the deals
  3. Closing the deals
  4. Pre export or import preparations
  5. Providing the HVAC customs certification
  6. Assisting our clients in fulfilling the paperwork related to export and import
  7. Looking for boat export from and into parts of Australia such as Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Darwin, etc. just give us a call or email us. We provide you services which cannot be matched anywhere else in the world.